Ceiling Fans

Customer Service

Here at Fan Doctor Electric we make it our business to take the best care of each and every customer. Our technicians and sales staff are the most knowledgeable and personable in the business. We are capable of listening to your needs and making recommendations based on those needs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy 10 fans or you’re just looking for a single screw you will always find a smiling employee happy to help.


All of our fans come with a lifetime motor warranty, 1 year finish and electronic warranty and if installed by us a 6 month warranty on our work as well. All of our installs are done with in house employees and we are licensed and bonded. Let’s be honest though if I sell you a fan and install it and it stops working in 7 months you can be assured that you will be well taken care of anyways. This goes back to customer service being the most important thing to us here at Fan Doctor Electric. Also as a side note if your fan was going to need adjustment it will happen within a couple days to a couple weeks of install.

All fans are made in China anyways why spend more on one vs. the other.

Yes it’s true almost all ceiling fans are made in China. So you ask what makes an Emerson better than a Hampton Bay? Over in China they have different factories with different spec levels of Craftsmanship and quality. The better manufacturers will engineer the fans with better motors and use heavier materials to help with sound absorption. I have seen some of the new products coming out of the big box stores with plastic globes to go over the light. Plastic globes can you imagine that? Another reason you may spend a few more bucks is style. Just like anything in our consumer market if it is beautiful or cool it cost more money. There are a few exceptions to this rule we do carry a few models that are both cool and reasonably priced but it is unlikely you will find then in a the same place that you can buy toilets and paint.